Jennie Smythe, CEO, Appointed to CMA Foundation Board of Directors

The Country Music Association announced today the new Board of Directors for the CMA Foundation. The appointments are effective on Jan. 1, 2017. Joe Galante, Chairman of Galante Entertainment Organization, will serve as Chairman and Lon Helton, CEO of Country Aircheck, will serve as Vice Chairman for the 2017 CMA Foundation Board. The remaining members…

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A Taste Of Southern Ground Music & Food Festival via Pollstar

Pollstar checked in with Zac Brown Band’s manager, ROAR’s Will Ward, to chat about Southern Ground Music & Food Festival’s first springtime edition. “First of all, we’ve got an incredible team that really helps make this happen. I’ve just sort of been overseeing it but we’ve got a team from ROAR to our digital marketing…

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Hits Daily Double: Not Lost in the Supermarket – Marketing and Promotion Roundtable

Today’s rapidly changing, increasingly complex business demands that marketing and promotion specialists assimilate and adapt on the fly in order to most effectively serve their artist clients. We asked six individuals who face this reality 24/7 how they respond to the challenge. JENNIE SMYTHE FOUNDER/CEO, GIRLILLA DIGITAL MARKETING

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USA Today: How Twitter’s Streaming App Is Shaping Music

Lee Brice and Morgan Page chat with USA Today about how they’re using Periscope to connect with fans on a personal level.

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All Access: Music Health Alliance Names Eleven To Board

MUSIC HEALTH ALLIANCE has named an 11-member Board of Directors to serve for the 2015-2016 term, including Girlilla Marketing CEO, Jennie Smythe.

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GRAMMY Pro Blog – Music: Ground Up Is The Way Up by CEO Jennie Smythe

In the traditional marketing world, “grassroots” is now a term, but for music … it was a movement.  Before it became a buzzword synonymous with large budget campaigns (oh, the irony!), it was born of necessity to connect with the people without filters or gatekeepers.  Music has always been at the forefront of this movement…

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Jennie Smythe, CEO, Appointed to CMA Board of Directors

Congratulations to Girlilla Marketing CEO Jennie Smythe, who has been appointed to the CMA Board of Directors.

View Article Acct. Director Jessie Whitmire Shares Five Tips For Handling Customer Service Issues Via Social Media

In this digital age, long gone are the days of calling a 1-800 number for help handling customer service issues. Every day, more people become hip to online shopping; with each passing Black Friday and Cyber Monday season, social customer service continues to rise as the preferred method for people to vent their frustrations, ask their…

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Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce: Member Spotlight – Girlilla Marketing

Check out our Member Spotlight on the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce blog.

View Article Sr. Acct. Director Stevie Escoto Discusses Holiday Digital Strategy

We may not be ready to face it, but the holiday season is upon us. The jack-o-lantern’s and Halloween candy have been put away (or eaten!), and all eyes are moving to other traditional and digital holidays that fill our hearts and empty our pockets. There is a very delicate balance that must be recognized…

View Article Sr. Acct. Manager Bonnie Willard Discusses Infusing A Digital Experience Into Live Events

You know how to market your next event to get butts in seats, fans in stands and stir local buzz. You’re solid on your plans to announce your event via fancy graphics and online ticketing systems. You’ve brainstormed clever content, social posts and created one #epichashtag. But live event competition is growing and it is…

View Article Girlilla Marketing Account Manager Karen Goodner Shares Why The Playlist Isn’t The New Mix Tape – It’s Bigger

The streamers are here to stay, but the playlist is taking over their space. Only if you’re an artist of such caliber as Garth Brooks can you expect people to consume your album as a complete package (and that’s questionable for even Mr. Brooks at this point). But the best answer might not be getting…

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Executive Director Ashley Mixson offers “5 Tips for Embracing the Power of Digital Advertising” – Read them on

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Read The Latest Column from CEO Jennie Smythe on – “YouTube: The Socially Awkward Network”

View Article 5 Elements For Today’s Digital Marketing Agenda

Girlilla Marketing CEO Jennie Smythe debuts a new column for covering all things digital marketing. In the first installment, she shares reflections and suggestions from her visit to SXSW, plus offers her list of the five most actionable elements of digital marketing that everyone should be excited about.  

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Facilities & Event Management Magazine: Marketing Maxims

The digital age has brought some new twists, but certain ‘golden rules’ remain. Girlilla Marketing CEO, Jennie Smythe, breaks down the latest digital trends and five rules that will further the success of any marketing campaign.

View Article Jennie Smythe: Nashville’s Digital Ninja sat down with Girlilla Marketing CEO to talk all things digital and more.

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The Tennessean: Dave Delaney: Rock on with these marketing tips from music gurus

Dave Delaney recaps the “Marketing for Musicians” panel from Americana Music Fest which featured Girlilla Marketing’s own Executive Director, Ashley Mixson.

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Music Row Magazine: Industry Ink

Girlillas Ashley Mixson and Stevie Escoto appear in Music Row Magazine’s wrap up of SOLID’s Digital Marketing workshop.  

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